Buckle Your Seat Belts! Experience A Coastal Adventure In St. John’s, Newfoundland

Harbour 1

The sea air whips my hair about my face. I can taste the salt of the ocean on my lips. The engine rumbles in the background as I take in the beauty that surrounds me. Majestic icebergs, mysterious sea caves, playful seabirds and towering cliffs. This isn’t your regular boat tour – I feel as though I can reach out and touch everything – I’m not just observing the rugged beauty of Newfoundland, I’ve become completely immersed in it.

photo 5

I had the honour of being the very first passenger on Iceberg Quest‘s newest offering – she’s fast, she’s bold and most of all, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had on the ocean. Introducing a brand new 12 passenger zodiac – buckle your seat belts folks, you’ve never experienced Newfoundland quite like this. If you want to get up close and personal with nature (and I mean close!), there’s no better way than aboard this vessel.

Harbour 2

We left St. John’s Harbour for an hour tour on a beautiful sunny day last week. Captain Rogers carefully navigated through the Narrows at a slow, leisurely pace and once the harbour was behind us he kicked her into high gear. Cruising past jagged cliffs I couldn’t keep the smile from my face. Captain Rogers was spinning yarns, sharing the history of our waters and naming seabirds – and all of a sudden, I saw the narrow entrance to the small fishing village of Quidi Vidi. “Wait a second, we’re here already?!” I exclaimed, “Just like that” Captain Rogers laughed. I kid you not, the zodiac made the trip from St. John’s harbour to the Quidi Vidi gut in ten minutes. Maybe less. The crew laughed at my bewildered expression. “Wait until we get out on the open water and she really gets going!” I couldn’t wait.

Gut 1

As we navigated the small harbour we were met with smiles and waves from the locals – a few even offered to throw us a few cold ones, courtesy of Quidi Vidi Brewery. Captain Rogers says he’s hoping to set up partnerships with the brewery as well as Mallard Cottage so guests can enjoy some local fare while they explore the village.

Quidi Vidi 2

Next, we were on the hunt for icebergs. We could see a tiny dot in the distance and in no time a shimmering turquoise giant was looming above us. We were so close I felt as though I could reach out and touch it. Captain Rogers slowed our pace and took us for a full 360 degree circle around the beast. Looking down I could see the outline of the berg under the water and how much deeper it went. I was flabbergasted. I’ve lived in Newfoundland my entire life, seen hundreds of icebergs, but I’ve never been so close to one before. It was incredible. (*Author’s note: Captain Rogers assured me that we were always at a safe distance. Safety is paramount and always comes first at Iceberg Quest)

Iceberg 4

Iceberg 3

Afterwards we cruised along dark and sombre sea caves, took a spin around Freshwater Bay where we saw remnants of an old shipwreck and finally a tour of Deadmans Bay with it’s stunning waterfalls and seabird nesting grounds. I got home and looked at myself in the mirror – my cheeks were flushed, my hair was windswept and I still had that silly grin on my face.

View from boat

Iceberg Quest has created a completely unique experience – they now have two zodiacs in their fleet which means they can do tours of up to 24 people at once – a great idea for conference delegates. Ride the waves with the Iceberg Quest Twin Growlers – it’s not just another boat tour. Find out more here.