“Feeling Up, Up, Up” destination video is released by Destination St. John’s

Destination St. John’s (DSJ) is pleased to announce the release of its latest video showcasing the greater St. John’s area, its colourful characters and spectacular surroundings.

“St. John’s is a hot tourism destination and we need to keep our digital assets fresh and current,” says Cathy Duke, CEO, of DSJ. “A day in the life of St. John’s is the story, highlighting urban on the edge of nature, the warmth and whimsy of the people, the signature attractions and colour of the destination.”

Singer-song writer Brianna Gosse’s single “Better in the Clouds” is the soundtrack for the video.

“It was a fun process deciding on the music that would help bring the storyboard to life. MusicNL included our request for new music in a newsletter and I got hundreds of submissions. I was spoiled for choice. There is so much talent here. But Brianna’s song was a clear favourite, and we are delighted to showcase a young female NL artist,” says Rhonda Hutton, Director of Marketing. “The lyrics complement the wink and a nod welcome from some very talented familiar faces. We are grateful for their participation.”

The video will be used to promote the destination digitally, at trade shows and as part of a large scale production in Toronto late October. “Finding the right person to shoot the video, one who understands what we were trying to accomplish at DSJ and who knows “town,” is important. I’m glad Roger Maunder, Up Sky Down Films was chosen. He nailed it,” says Rhonda Hutton.

Roger Maunder: “I was very excited and honored to take on this project. To highlight the colorful textures, the people, the beautiful landscapes and our iconic characters was very exhilarating and a wonderful experience. We are all filled with pride when talking about where we come from and now we can show it too.”

Special thanks to (in order of appearance) Allan Hawco, General Rick Hillier, Rick Mercer, Brad Gushue, Mary Walsh, Jeremy Charles, Bob Cole, Mark Critch, Amelia Curran, Alan Doyle. Walkers, diners, golfers, and visitors having a time. RNC mounted unit.