Kate Crackerberry

Kate Crackerberry is based on a wonderful folk-tale from the Orkney Islands in Scotland and told in the style of the jack tales in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is about the love between two step-sisters, a sheep’s head, and a prince suffering under a fairy spell. When Anne is placed under an evil enchantment, her good, kind and clever sister Kate dedicates herself to find a cure. This leads the girls into the woods where they encounter a royal family with an ongoing problem. Kate uses her wits and courage to find a solution for both her sister and the prince, leading to a happy ending for everyone in the kingdom. Working with the compact team in a devised process, 4 multi-talented artists use image, puppet animation, movement, and music in a collaborative artistic process to create the stories, puppets, props and instruments for this production.

*A family pass is available – with a maximum of four and a minimum of 1 child per family pass.

Adapted by Ruth Lawrence
Directed by Lois Brown
Music by Diana Daly
Puppets designed by Baptiste Neis
Produced by White Rooster Theatre
Presented by Resource Centre for the Arts