Did You Know?
Many visitors are surprised by the size of the province. To assist your planning we recommend you review the distance chart below. Geographically speaking it is an 11 hours drive from Port aux Basques to St. John’s.

Hit the Road
Rent a car or drive your own. From Port aux Basques on Newfoundland’s west coast, the Trans Canada Highway links the island to St. John’s, a distance of 905 km (565 miles). St. John’s is Mile Zero. Don’t forget to get your picture taken where Canada begins! From Argentia, the terminus of the Marine Atlantic ferry on the east coast, Route 100 connects with the Trans Canada Highway 131 km (82 miles) west of the capital city. All around Eastern Newfoundland are well-marked themed touring routes like the Irish Loop, the Cape Shore, the Baccalieu Trail, the Discovery Trail, the Heritage Run, the Admirals’ Coast and the Killick Coast. These scenic tours are well worth the drive as you pass through colourful outports along the edge of the sea.

St. John’s Trolley Line
The ‘step on, step off’ St. John’s Trolley, is a seasonal service in historical downtown. The Trolley stops at Signal Hill National Historic Site, The Johnson GEO CENTRE, The Commissariat Provincial Historic Site, The Rooms, The Newman Wine Vaults Provincial Historic Site, The Railway Coastal Museum, numerous bus stops along Water Street including near The City of St. John’s Visitor Centre, The Delta Hotel and the Sheraton. For schedules and rates visit www.metrobus.com/trolley/

Destination St. John’s Mobile App
Destination St. John’s is making its member’s information available on smart phones to convention delegates, tourists and residents of the province. The app is available for all smartphones allowing users to check for places to stay, places to eat or things to do during their stay. You can even check to see what the weather will be like. Best of all the app is FREE! Visit http://m.destinationstjohns.com/ to download.