A Day On The Southern Shore

IMG_2554 It was one of those perfect summer days: the sun was shining, the birds chirping, and there wasn’t a breath of wind. “We’re going to Ferryland!” I exclaimed – my partner in crime and photographer was happy to oblige. Founded by Lord Baltimore in 1621, Ferryland is not only one of the most historic communities in Newfoundland, but in all of North America. Not a history buff? That’s okay, Ferryland boasts some of the best coastal views in all of Newfoundland. IMG_2745_2 Our day began at The Colony of Avalon. Have you ever walked on a 17th-century street or seen a 17th-century herb garden? If you haven’t, a trip to The Colony is a must. We were treated to the full tour of the Interpretation Centre and the excavations. The dig consists of six sites uncovering the remains of the English colony founded in 1621 by Sir George Calvert, who later became the first Lord Baltimore. The dig takes place from mid-June to mid-October each year and, despite what seems like a massive effort, only about thirty five percent of the original Colony of Avalon has been revealed! We walked through one of the earliest European colonies in North America with the sun on our backs as our guide regaled us with tales of the past. We finished our tour in the impressive 17th Century kitchen. The room contains a working fireplace, authentic doors and windows, a flagstone floor and other details typical of the era. The woman in the kitchen was dressed in period clothing as she took us through how the settlers would have baked their bread. We even got to taste it! It was suprisingly soft and delicious. The Colony offers an Archaeologist for a Day Summer Program where you get the opportunity to work alongside archaeologists and conservators to reveal the lives of Ferryland’s early settlers – a once in a lifetime experience. IMG_2568 IMG_2582 IMG_2626 Next up we decided to get out on the water with Stan Cook Sea Kayak Adventures. A family owned and operated business, they are well known for offering some of the best kayaking in Newfoundland. They are incredibly passionate about paddling, and it shows. Stan and his guides provide safe and exhilirating experiences with a focus on fun. I had such a blast paddling along the coastline, stopping every few strokes to enjoy cascading waterfalls and spectacular caves. We pulled up some local lobster traps and took a peek inside, and even tasted sea urchin roe! (It’s delicious). I was entertained  by the history of the area and we finished it all off by paddling directly into one of the mysterious sea caves – you could reach out and run your fingers along it’s dark, slick walls. Offering a variety of tours all season long, no trip to Ferryland is complete without Stan Cook’s unique brand of tour. Book now! IMG_2644_2 IMG_2664_2 IMG_2687_2 We ended our day with a short hike to the Ferryland Lighthouse for a Lighthouse Picnic. As we walked I was overwhelmed by the dramatic coastline. The jagged cliffs gave way to the sun-dappled ocean and there was a perfect, white iceberg in the distance. The Lighthouse itself was built in 1870 and  stood as a beacon to passing ships. It was restored and opened as Lighthouse Picnics in 2004. Once you arrive you place your order and are given a blanket and an identifying flag. You choose a cozy spot outside and wait for your picnic basket to be delivered. It’s a meal to be enjoyed while relaxing and enjoying amazing scenery – waves, whales, and seabirds are all part of the vista – we saw two small whales playing in the foamy waves quite close to shore. The Lighthouse Ladies make all the food fresh at the lighthouse each day – the molasses oatmeal bread, the orzo & fresh mint salad, the freshly squeezed lemonade… it’s out of this world good. We ate until we could eat no more, lay back on our picnic blanket and let the sun wash over our faces. A perfect end to a perfect Ferryland day. IMG_2746_2 IMG_2747_2 IMG_2769_2