It’s All Happening at The Rooms!

Whether you’ve already visited, or are yet to enjoy our Provincial Archive, Art Gallery and Museum, you’ll want to experience everything happening at The Rooms!

Programming at The Rooms is impressive and has ramped up this year—every day is full of opportunities to engage, learn, be entertained, dine or just relax in a beautiful building with the best view in town.

Introducing a new volunteer program, adding more than 200 new volunteers to the roster, has enabled The Rooms to offer more culture, more interaction, more warmth and depth of experience to the visitor. These volunteers are “Cultural Ambassadors”, community members with a lifetime of local experience and knowledge, story tellers who want to engage and share our unique language, nature, music, history and food.

I recently visited The Rooms to check out some of the exciting new initiatives I’ve been hearing about.

Violin-1_IMG_0655_smWe Play for You
I went first to the Atrium (level 3) to enjoy the fiddle playing of  a local musician in that gorgeous space. Music filtered down the stairwell, enhancing the rich cultural atmosphere. Musicians are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays until September 20 for ‘We Play for You’ lunchtime sessions. To make your make your visit a full-sensory experience, complimentary tastings of traditional Newfoundland & Labrador fare are often available during these sessions.

Fish-Gutting_IMG_0669_sm Culture Rooms
My next stop was to the Culture Rooms on levels 2 and 3 — “Rooms” is a Newfoundland & Labrador term for the fishing stages and other facilities grouped along the coast. Each Culture Room has a theme and I moved from one to the next, trying my hand at various skills, listening, reading, and chatting with the wonderful volunteer hosts.

This is Cultural Ambassador Mary at the fishing room, demonstrating the cleaning of  fish (Cod), and explaining the use of all parts — you may have noticed from local menus that we like to use all of a cod (e.g., tongues, cheeks…). Mary discussed the evolution of the fishery, from first-hand experience, was knowledgeable and a lot of fun to chat with! This unique experience is on until the end of September.

Mug-Up-Cafe_IMG_0642_smMovies & the new Mug Up Café
The Mug Up Café is an inspired new addition, a refreshments kiosk next to the theatre on level 2. Here, we got to indulge in some of our favourite NL snacks and drinks to enjoy with a movie in the theatre and at a table the atrium.

Currently, daily showings of the vignette series of short films titled The Hungry Month of March allow you to drop in, eat your  lunch from the Mug Up Café, and learn about the Newfoundland & Labrador culinary scene, behind the scenes. Playing from 10:00am to 3:00pm daily.

On Wednesday (3:00-4:00) and Sunday (2:00-3:00) afternoons I Heard the Birch Tree Whisper in the Night, an award-winning documentary about local artist Gerald Squires, complements perfectly the current exhibition of this artist, The Spirit Visible, in the Art Gallery upstairs.

Ace-Academy_2_IMG_0731_smOn Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00, it’s Movie Night at the Rooms, when feature-length films with a connection to Newfoundland & Labrador are played.

The Ace Academy Flight Experience
This is fun! I piloted (virtually) a First World War Sopwith Ship Camel biplane through an air battle! The game actually reads your body movements to manoeuver the airplane. I think any age group would have a great time with this.





Following a great afternoon at The Rooms, I am enthusiastic to attend upcoming evening event series: An Intimate Evening with…, The Rooms Book Club, Inspired B’y, and Flavours of Newfoundland & Labrador!

In addition to all the new events and cultural experiences in the schedule,
The Rooms offers

The Rooms is adding more special events all the time so make sure you
don’t miss a thing. #onlyattherooms