It Was a Coastal Adventure Aboard the Kingfisher!

On the morning of June 26th, I hopped aboard the Kingfisher for “a geological adventure that will leave you breathless” — and this adventure certainly lived up to the hype!

As with the tour I took with O’Brien’s last year, I was picked up at the office and shuttled to Bay Bulls. Once our small tour group had assembled, Captain Con O’Brien (yes, he is related 🙂 ) introduced us to our survival suits and we boarded our boat. The Kingfisher is a small, speedy craft originally built for daring work in shallow water which makes it ideal for navigating up close to the shore, cliffs and around sea stacks. It can hold a dozen but we were a very comfortable seven plus the Captain.

2-OBriens-Kingfisher-tied It Was a Coastal Adventure Aboard the Kingfisher!

As the survival suits hinted, this tour was an immersive experience — we may not have entered the water but we sure felt it, and it was thrilling! Before we even left Bay Bulls Harbour, we had encountered three Humpback Whales and watched countless diving Gannets vying for the same fishy food source.

To experience the coastal geography from such a proximity was incredible: sea stacks capped with unexpected grass and trees; mysterious caves; rushing waterfalls; and “the Spout”, a natural wave-powered geyser. It was difficult to know where to look at times — 360 degrees of extraordinary beauty on the water demonstrating why Newfoundland & Labrador’s Avalon Peninsula has been named “Top Coastal Destination in the World” by National Geographic.

6-birdinspout_SM 9-Seastacks2_SM

We were all giddy, grinning, and hungry when we disembarked. Thankfully, O’Brien’s has a lovely restaurant right across from the dock — The Sailor’s Galley. I had high expectations after my last dining experience with O’Brien’s and, joined by fellow tourists, tucked in to the Fish & Chips, NL style (with a side of dressing and gravy!). We were all delighted with the freshness of the fish and true homemade quality and care tasted in all the food. The portions were generous so we shared desserts (irresistible). The Sailor’s Galley is the perfect comfortable spot to reacquaint yourself with terra firma, come down from the exhilarating high of the tour, and enjoy the view with the new friends you’ve just made.

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As well as the Coastal Adventure Tour, O’Brien’s offers several other tour options including their Award Winning Boat Tour, which I took last year — read all about it here:

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