Shop Local Chocolate

We’re back with another instalment of shopping local for Christmas! This week will tempt your tastebuds as we visit The Newfoundland Chocolate Company on Duckworth Street. Perched on the eastern edge of North America, the chocolatiers of the Newfoundland Chocolate Company make chocolates the old-fashioned way. They start with natural wholesome ingredients like wild, sun-ripened berries picked along rugged, wind-swept shores, oven roasted nuts, smooth and creamy caramel and the finest, purest chocolate anywhere.

The very first Newfoundland Chocolate Company products were sold in 2008 at the Manufactured Right Here Show in St. John’s. In 2010 owners Brent and Christina bought the building on Duckworth Street and in December of that year the company opened the doors to St. John’s only artisan-made chocolate shop! Who wouldn’t love to unwrap some mouth watering local chocolate on Christmas morning? We caught up with their Event and Corporate Relations Manager Stu Greenoff to find out why keeping it local is so important to them.

What would you say is the most unique product you offer?

Quite a few of our products are different from other items you can get in the local area, but at this time of the year I would have to say our hollow Christmas figures are pretty special. We have two different sizes of Santa, a beautifully hand decorated Christmas tree and of course the frankly ginormous Father Christmas, which again is hand decorated, a real show stopper! All of the hollow figures are available in milk, white and dark chocolate, and for the larger pieces it may be a good idea to call ahead to make sure we have one in the store, or so we can get one made to order for you.

What has been the most popular product for 2013?

Tough question! It’s been a great year but if I had to pick a couple I would say our Coco Bean Row bar sets, which feature a variety of chocolate bars in their iconic ‘row house’ wrappers. Or our Smiling Land series of chocolates which feature all the local wild berries, that one is always a hit!

Which product would be “your pick” for Christmas shoppers looking to buy local?

That would depend on who the gift was for.  We have just released our first special edition Christmas tin, that contains our Chocolatier’s selection of their favourite chocolates, which would make a lovely gift for any chocoholic.  Or my personal favourite would be our new Candy Cane Bark, we’re having trouble keeping the staff away from it long enough to get it on the shelves!   


What are some of the most desired products for tourists and visitors?

We try to make sure that all of our products celebrate Newfoundland in some way or another.  Our boxed chocolates are always popular, with their maps and chocolates based around a particular theme in Newfoundland. For example; the Jigs n’ Reels series celebrates Newfoundland music and in our Rum Runners & Rouges box we tip our hat to some of the province’s most colourful characters.


Do you offer shipping?

We do indeed! In fact our website is up and running ready for the festive season.  You can visit to place your order.

What does buy local mean to you?

We’re fortunate to be in a real ‘boom time’ in St John’s and the support of local businesses has played a huge part in this success. For us buying local means that you are supporting the local business community and ensuring that we continue to prosper as the province grows.  You receive a higher quality experience when shopping at local businesses, not just through the quality of the product, but also through the level of service, interaction and hospitality you encounter whilst shopping in local stores. 

We as a company believe that quality of service is just as important as quality of product to the customers experience, and is why we strive to ensure all chocolate lovers young and old leave the store with a huge (hopefully chocolatey) smile on their faces.

While we wipe the chocolate from our faces you might want to head on over to The Newfoundland Chocolate Company on stock up on your holiday sweets! We’ll give you something tasty to wash it down with next week when we visit The Quidi Vidi Brewery. Until next time!