Shop Local Spirits

St. John’s is a local shoppers paradise! From spirits to crafts, jewelry to fine art, shopping local for Christmas is easy and affordable. Traveling to St. John’s and want to bring a piece of the island home to place under the Christmas tree? Destination St. John’s has you covered!

From now until Christmas we will be running weekly blogs that focus on shopping local for your holiday treats. Each blog will feature a different retailer, their most exciting products and why buying local is so important to them. This week, warm your soul with delicious local spirits from the Newfoundland & Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC).

Incorporated in 1973, NLC is a crown corporation that imports, sells and distributes beverage alcohol throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.  NLC is also a manufacturer/bottler which produced 390,000 cases of spirits in 2011! We contacted Marketing Specialist Nicole McGrath to give us the low down on what’s hot this holiday season. 

What would you say is the most unique product you offer?

Our Krooked Cod Blueberry-Raspberry Wine. Only the juiciest and tastiest Newfoundland blueberries and raspberries were picked for this unique sweet-tart wine. These are the fruits of the local hills and wilds, grown in the cool, salty ocean breeze. Take the bait and try it! Best served chilled or on ice.

Also our Screech Honey Rum. A memorable Newfoundland tradition and a truly unique experience with a twist!

What has been the most popular product for 2013?

McGrath says the most popular product this year is hands down the Iceberg Beer brewed right here at Quidi Vidi Brewing Company. This refreshingly light lager is brewed with 25,000 year old iceberg water harvested from Newfoundland’s awe-inspiring icebergs! It also comes in a beautiful blue bottle.

Which product would be “your pick” for Christmas shoppers looking to buy local?

Quid Vidi Brewery

Another Quidi Vidi pick! How about bringing home a bottle of Mummer’s Brew? The brewer calls it “a robust, full bodied winter ale…brewed with chocolate malt, generously hopped, and fermented to 6% alc/vol.” Delicious!

What are some of the most desired products for tourists and visitors?

No surprise here! The top product for tourists is Screech Rum. Made right here in Newfoundland. This is a well aged, slightly sweet, great tasting rum that offers woody notes, caramel and cocoa. A must-have for holiday Screech-Ins!

Coming in a close second is Yellowbelly beer. Brewed right here on historic Water Street, Yellowbelly Brewery produces four distinct brews for you to enjoy over the holidays! Take home the Fighting Irish Red, Yellowbelly Pale Ale, Wexford Wheat or The St. John’s Stout (it’s been said it tastes better than Guinness!)

Do you prefer a glass of wine by the fire? Try these popular local wines from Auk Island Winery:

Jellybean Row is a name that has long been used to describe the colourful, characteristic rowhouses of downtown St. John’s. Their vibrant hues and whimsical tones inspired the naming of our Jellybean Row Strawberry–Partridgeberry Wine. The subtle flavour of strawberries present a hint of sweetness that tames but does not diminish the tartness of the Newfoundland partridgeberries. A light-bodied wine that is best served chilled.

Moose Joose Blueberry-Partridgeberry Wine is a blend of two of Newfoundlands most popular wild berries, the blueberry and the partridgeberry. Both are chock full of antioxidants and anthocyanins. This could be called health juice but it contains alcohol so we’ll just say it’s berry healthy for you!

A blend of Newfoundland and Labrador blueberries with rhubarb creates Funky Puffin Blueberry-Rhubarb Wine. This medium sweet wine is fun, delightful and well balanced. It is a great sipping wine and goes well with cheese and crackers. Serve chilled.

Do you offer shipping?

We offer shipping for our gift cards but we don’t offer residential shipping of our products. If a product isn’t available at a customers’ closest Liquor Store however, we will gladly transfer it to another Liquor Store.

What does buy local mean to you?

It’s important to support local businesses and Newfoundland and Labrador’s economy. By buying local you are not only supporting local businesses but also the people these businesses employ. It is great to try interesting and innovative products that are made right here in our beautiful province!

We couldn’t agree more, Nicole! Now head on out and get stocked up with local spirits for the holidays! Next week we visit local boutique Whink for a look at some local jewelry, art and collectables.

Happy Shopping!