The Most Unique Shakespeare Experience in Canada!

The Perchance Theatre in Cupids, Newfoundland & Labrador is the most unique place to experience Shakespeare in Canada.

Each play takes place in the open air theatre, modelled after Shakespeare’s own Globe theatre. When I visited for the opening of Richard III this season it was a warm, bright and sunny day, but if it were to rain the show must go on! The audience is protected from the elements by only the stands themselves and a thin sailcloth tied across the top for a roof. Surrounded then by trees, it makes for an intimate showing — you can’t help but feel as if you’re actually in the play, simply watching as real events unfold.


The show was opened with a tribute from the play’s director, Danielle Irvine, to the late Janet Edmonds. “Lady Janet” as she was known within the company, last performed in 2015 as Lady Macbeth. She was undergoing chemotherapy for Stage 4 cancer at the time. Edmonds passed in May, and the company decided to dedicate the 2017 season to her. Irvine revealed at the end of her tribute a plaque to be placed in the entryway of the theatre.


The play itself was amazing. We see Richard now after the war where his brilliantly strategic mind and his drive brought success for his family. Hated and ignored before the war, Richard looks for a place to fit now that it’s over, and uses people’s expectations of him to rise himself even higher – no matter the cost.


PerchanceTheatreCupids_PatrickORielly-DSJ_004 PerchanceTheatreCupids_PatrickORielly-DSJ_003

Perchance Theatre is also hosting two other plays this season: The Taming of the Shrew, and Our Eliza. More information about all three plays, the theatre, and tickets can be found on Perchance Theatre’s website.


Richard III features local actor Steve O’Connell as Richard, Duke of Gloucester and local comedian John Sheehan as Sir Richard Ratcliffe. Appearing alongside them is Sara Ankerman, Dorothy Cousins, Greg House, Allison Moira Kelly, Alexis Koetting, Erin Mackey, Evan Mercer, George Robertson, Alexander Rogers, Andrew Tremblett, Alexander Wilson, and Paul Wilson.

The Perchance Theatre is about a one-hour drive from St. John’s, in the historic coastal town of Cupids.

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