More Options and Easier Access to the Adventure of a Lifetime at Torngat Mountains National Park

If the extraordinary Torngat Mountains National Park wasn’t on your radar before now, or if you thought access to it was an obstacle, we’re excited to share this season’s news with you!

From August 4th to September 1st Air Borealis, base camp operators for the world-renowned Torngat Mountains Camp and Research Station known as The Torngats, will offer new direct flights from Goose Bay Airport directly to the Saglek airstrip by Dash 8 aircraft offering ease of access for guests from around the World.

The Base Camp is located on Inuit Owned Land and is situated adjacent to the southern boundary of the Torngat Mountains National Park. During the operating season of the Base Camp the staff of the Torngat Mountains National Park operates out of the Base Camp.

For 2018, guests can now choose from 3, 4 and 7 night packages ranging from an inspiring excursion focused packages to stunning hiking focused packages. Packages for the 2018 season are still available and can be found on or by e-mailing [email protected].

Guests of The Torngats this year will also be treated to an exciting new collection of programming. In addition to the extraordinary indigenous programming that includes traditional Inuit Drum Dancers, throat singers and alternative indigenous artists, The Torngats are excited to welcome acclaimed recording artists, The Once, to the Park for 2018 from August 11th to 18th! Newfoundland & Labrador has a storied history of stunning songwriters, poets, and players. Over the course of the last decade The Once have writ and knit themselves into that story.

“This will undoubtedly be one of the biggest adventures of our lifetime. When asked to play, there was a resounding “yes” from the band. The Torngats, the ‘place of spirits’. A masterful design by Mother Nature. A place filled with the beauty, the art and all the splendor of the Indigenous people. 1/3rd of us got to experience a fly over once, while 2/3rds of us have only experienced in pictures. What a rare honour to be able to bare witness together and what a pleasure it will be to sing for the folks who choose to share in this opportunity of a lifetime” said Phil Churchill, from The Once.


About The Torngats
An Inuit Homeland, one of the last untamed, unspoiled places left on earth. Comprised of 9,700 square kilometers of spectacular wilderness stretching north from Saglek Fjord to the northern tip of Labrador, and westward from the Atlantic seacoast to the Québec border. It’s a land of mountains and polar bears, small glaciers, and caribou, where the Inuit hunt, fish, and travel, as their predecessors did for thousands of years. Come explore one of the most captivating places on earth. | |

About Air Borealis
Through an historic agreement between the Innu and Inuit of Labrador, together with PAL Airlines, Air Borealis is an airline all can take great pride in. Air Borealis provides regular scheduled flights and cargo services to the North Coast of Labrador as well as charter and skedivac services to the North and South Coasts of Labrador and throughout Eastern Canada. The combined service and route networks of Air Borealis and PAL Airlines means more flight options, more routes and total ease of travel for passengers. | |