What Locals Have to Say

Want the inside information: where the locals love to go, what they see and do?

We’re giving you the inside tips for exceptional experiences — the local knowledge from our resident “travel ambassadors” — to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

“The St. John’s Regatta at Quidi Vidi Lake, Bowring Park for recreation and leisure, pointing my camera at the City’s panorama for amazing views of St. John’s.” — Alamelu via Twitter


Zip lining! Berry picking! Buskers Festival! Hiking! Just a few favourite things to do!” — Ian Barrett
We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many things to do! A few of my favourite things to do are Ziplining in Petty Harbour, berry picking by Signal Hill, hiking along the East Coast Trail and taking in the Busker Festival in downtown St. John’s! Of course another of my favourite things to do that I can do all year long is enjoy a great meal at one of the great restaurants downtown, followed by a night out on George Street enjoying awesome music by local entertainers. I could write a book on my favourite things to do but those are just a few.


“You’ll find me down by the water; my favourite thing to do/see is visit the water front.” — Leila Beaudoin

“Walk the Signal Hill trail on a beautiful day and finish off with a gelato at Newfoundland Chocolate Company!” — Maureen Gorman Bennett

“A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN….. this is the place you just have to see!!! Full of life, Magical Moments and a Relaxing Breath of Fresh Air … MUN Botanical Gardens!! The “GO TO” Place…” — Cheryl Boland

“One of my favourite things to do in St. John’s is a boat tour!” — Christeena Caines
I have a number of favourite things to do and see in St. John’s. One of my favourite things to do is a boat tour! We have a number of great boat tour companies leaving from St. John’s harbour that can take you on a tour. You can get lucky to see whales, puffins, icebergs, etc. Of course the Newfoundland hospitality is a great selling point as well. I have witnessed tourists getting “Screeched In” on board while enjoying a boat tour. The whole atmosphere coupled with being out on the ocean makes for a great experience for tourists and is one of my favourite things to do. The scenery of St. John’s from a boat leaves people wanting to explore the city.


“Enjoy the live music downtown.” — Victoria Etchegary

“I love that after 25 years living here, I still find new things to experience. Life changes our point of view.” — Lisa Ford

“Our family loves to explore the trails and the coastlines of our beautiful city!” — Linda Lee Hart

“One of the best things on a sunny day is to get a coffee & lounge on the lawn by the War Memorial.” — Melissa Hogan

“Going to see icebergs for the first time, should be on everyone’s bucket list!” — Henry Huang via Twitter


“St. John’s and surrounding areas offer exceptional experiences for residents and travelers alike. My favourite things to do and see: a walk/hike at Signal Hill!” — Elizabeth Kearley


“Stroll the waterfront, see what ships are in, what kinds, and where they’re from. Check out the local art galleries. Take in a show and/or exhibit at LSPU Hall/Resource Centre for the Arts. Thwack around downtown, Water and Duckworth Streets, check out the shops. Love that St. John’s is just minutes from Torbay, with the East Coast Trail/Father Troy Trail, and Gallows Cove area especially. MUN Botanical Garden on Mount Scio Road — I especially like the heritage section and sculptures. I love St. John’s for the Provincial Historic Sites like Newman Wine Vaults on West End of Water Street, for its public libraries like A.C. Hunter with its Newfoundland research room, for built heritage (residential, commercial, public, institutional, row houses, and churches).”  — Lara Maynard

“Shop downtown, hike, walk Quidi Vidi, Eat at The Rocket or at any of our lovely cafés and restaurants!” — Edwina Mccarthy


“Grab a local coffee, head to Bowring Park, fly kites with my boys, enjoy fresh air and nature, minutes from downtown.” — Ryan R. via Twitter

“The walking trail around Signal Hill is a must do!” — Karen Ryan

“Go to Middle Cove Beach!!!! enjoy the sun and waves!!” — Florentina Stroia

“Hike the Sugarloaf Path on Friday evening, with a packed picnic of fresh Newfoundland berries, tea buns, and local cheese, sit and watch the locals fishing off the wharf, and then head to the Quidi Vidi Brewery for the Kitchen Party and a delicious Iceberg beer.” — Katie Wadden