Named “Talamh an Éisc”, or the land of the fish, by the many fisherman emigrants who came to these shores in the 18th century, Newfoundland is the only place outside of Ireland that has an indigenous Irish language name.

On any other day, it is easy to see the influence of our Irish heritage, but on St. Patrick’s Day we turn that dial up full tilt. Not only do we have the most bars per capita in Canada but St. John’s is also home to “Canada’s Favourite Bar” located in our famous entertainment district, George Street.

From traditional Irish Newfoundland music to delicious pub fare and of course people wearing green, there was no mistake made when we were given the nickname as the  “Most Irish island in the world“.

Don’t be green with envy – come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in St. John’s.

March 15th

Sometimes referred to as St. Practice Day 😉

March 16th

Celebrating a  day ahead allows you to wash the green beer out of your clothes in time for Monday.

March 17th - St. Patrick's Day

Start the morning off by preparing for a day full of Irish cheer (and beer) with a breakfast of champions. Keep in mind that most pubs and bars in St. John’s shut down at 3:00 AM so today is a marathon not a sprint.

Published: March 14, 2019