Brainfreeze 2021

Hosted by & Surf the Great

An epic polar dip for youth mental health!

We missed you in 2020, but Brainfreeze is back, baby! A community event by Surf the Greats and, Brainfreeze has been bringing people together to break the ice and raise money for youth mental health since 2018. With five cities and counting, and hundreds of brave Polar Bears across the country, it’s quickly grown into one of the largest polar bear dips in Canada. And this year, we’re going virtual! Pack your wooly socks, get your camera ready, and take the icy plunge for youth mental health.

Dip Your Way:

  • Solo Dip- Polar Bears are strong and independent. Push your limits and break the ice in a solo lake-jumping adventure. Caution: may do a lot of good for Canada’s youth.
  • Bubble Dip– Polar Bears do well in groups. Bring your bubble together for an unforgettable and Instagrammable leap into a cold lake – and change lives while you’re at it.
  • Ice Challenge- No access to a body of water? Make your own! Take an ice bath or freeze your backyard kiddie pool. Polar Bear’s choice.

How to Brainfreeze…virtually!

  • Decide whether to go solo, gather your bubble, or commit to an Ice Challenge (Polar Bear’s choice).
  • Register today for $25. And all Polar Bears get a custom hat when they hit their $100 fundraising minimum!
  • Led by the wonderful and engimatic Antonio Lennert, get access to our 30-day meditation challenge, tidal flow yoga class, and a Wim Hof Method workshop.
  • Take to your local lake, beach, pool, or even your bathtub the week of December 1st 2021 (to ensure maximum chill factor).
  • Fundraise in your community to support your efforts. 100% of your fundraising goes towards’s award-winning mental health resources, and globally-recognized youth mental health initiatives from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Safety comes first at Brainfreeze.

Please make a plan, bring a buddy, or let someone know when and where you’ll be taking the plunge. Given the ongoing public health crisis, Brainfreeze 2021 will be a virtual event and we are encouraging everyone to do their dip solo or in their local bubbles.

Please follow your local COVID-19 public health guidelines.

Start Date

Nov 29, 2021

End Date

Dec 03, 2021

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