Isolation begone!

Canada Day is this Wednesday, July 1, and we here at the Porter Chemical Company know you have an itch in the soles of your feet. You need music. We love music. You need beer. Landwash has lots of it, and it’s real real good. And you know you’re starved for some beautifully prepared food truck deliciousness from Saucy Mouth! So we’ve organized the perfect event for you!

Allow me to repeat:
Perfectly prepared craft beer from Landwash Brewery?
Street fries, Burgs and Bowls from Saucy Mouth?
The musical stylings of Claire Porter? Why, she’s a little twitchy from spending so much time alone during quarantine but she’s beyond thrilled to play for you, so,
The magical harmonies of Peter Mcguire and Wade Dawe? Forget bubbles – these fellas bring the carbonation!

This Wednesday, July 1 at Landwash Brewery in sunny, funny Mount Pearl!

And we’re finishing early enough for you to get to the fireworks on time!

See you there.

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Jul 01, 2020 - 16:00


Landwash Brewery

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