Please join us for the Opening Reception of two exhibitions of craft-based art!
Ripples and Ridges: Reflecting and Expanding a Craft
Troy Mitchell
The vision for Ripples and Ridges is to emerge, demonstrate growth, and enable curiosity about the interactions between differing raised metals and colors, drawing people in for a closer look. The aim is to provide a collection of interconnected pieces that firmly evoke a sense of place: Newfoundland and Labrador. The exhibition represents a leap forward in 2024, featuring new creations in embossed copper and aluminum, along with the introduction of larger format framed pieces. It will showcase 17 pieces, highlighting expanding sizes and reflecting the same subject in two different mediums. A significant area of growth is the new exploration of transparent inks on embossed aluminum. This exhibit aligns with Troy’s personal and career changes.
More about Troy and his practice:
Christina Oates
Have you heard of the “Good People” of Newfoundland? They inhabitant the wilderness of the island and are, in fact, not really good. Or people for that matter. They are malevolent fairies who do not take kindly to being disturbed. Crossing a fairy is a dangerous affair that can result in being abducted, wounded, or in some cases, death.
These are the tales passed down through generations of Newfoundlanders. The local fae travel here through magical portals that connect their realm to ours. These portals are known as fairy doors and can be found hidden at the base of trees throughout the forest. In the event you do stumble across a fairy door, it would be wise to have some form of protection. It is said that carrying a piece of bread in your pocket will protect you. Instead of the fairies playing tricks to hurt you, they will play tricks to obtain that piece of bread and you will be spared. The depictions of the fairy doors aim not to insult, but to pay homage to the Little People of the province. Each fairy door presents an alternative way to experience Newfoundland’s mysterious nature and rich heritage.
More about Christina and her practice:
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Jun 22, 2024 - 14:00


Quidi Vidi Village Artisan Studios

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