St. John’s is filled with capture worthy and thumb-stopping potential. From the rolling cliffs dotted with colourful houses to the extensive wildlife that flock to our land and sea, you’ll want to have your camera ready when you’re out exploring.

Jellybean Coloured Houses

Contrary to what you may have heard, there is no one street called “jellybean Row”. Instead, you can find these bright and colourful houses throughout our city, especially in the downtown area.

Historic Sites

Being a city that is over 500 years old, history is around every corner of St. John’s. From Signal Hill, that served as a watchtower over St. John’s Harbour, to homes and churches that have stood for centuries, our town is made up cultural and historical wonders.


Welcoming travellers to our shores for over a century, our lighthouses are the careful watch keepers of our coastline. A must visit is the oldest surviving lighthouse, Cape Spear, which is perched at the most easterly point in North America and was constructed in 1836.


Witness one the largest migrations on earth as scores of up to 10,000 humpbacks gather along the coast of Newfoundland & Labrador. The ocean becomes a meeting ground for other whales and aquatic life including minke and blue whales, orcas, and white sided dolphins to name a few. Get up close and person in a kayak or take a boat tour from our harbours.


Hear the snap, crackle and pop as these ice flows glide through our waters. The pure white and gemstone blues have travelled over 3 years to reach “iceberg alley” which is situated along the eastern coast of Newfoundland.


With close to 30,000 km of coastline and dense boreal forests situated in-between, Newfoundland & Labrador is a paradise for birds and bird watchers alike. 350 species flock to our island destination, lovingly referred to as “the rock”, to find refuge, nest and feast off our rich sea and land.

The East Coast Trail

The East Coast Trail unites genuine wilderness hiking with richly historic communities.  With over 300 kilometers of developed trail to explore, the paths will take you past towering sea stacks, deep fjords, abandoned settlements, lighthouses,  a 50-metre suspension bridge, and many more attractions.

City Parks

Though St. John’s is the capital city of Newfoundland & Labrador, nature is entwined through the heart of our town. From Victoria Park on the west end to Bannerman Park being only a 10-minute walk from our downtown, you are never too far from a bit of green space — both parks also offer free public WiFi, should you need it. Did you know, St. Johns is also home to one of Canada’s largest urban parks, Pippy Park!

The Harbour

Also known as the narrows, the entrance to St. John’s main Harbour is located in the heart of our downtown. A view from above at Signal Hill will show you the expanse of the city or take it all in aboard a boat tour.

The Fog

Just like the tide, the fog rolls in and out of St. John’s Harbour, enveloping the land with a misty serenity. Just as quickly as it arrives it disappears as the suns rays thirstily lick it away so be prepared to make swift click of your shutter.

Published: April 18, 2019