Our Services

In St. John’s, you’ll feel right at home, no matter the colour of your jersey. We are known for our wide-open spaces, both indoor and out, allowing us to host a variety of successful sporting events year-round.

Destination St. John’s (DSJ) welcomes the opportunity to work with Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) and Local Sport Organizations (LSOs) to help you plan. If you and your affiliate member clubs and associations are interested in submitting a bid on an event, we can assist in planning and offer promotional assistance to your host committees in many ways.

Some of our services include:

These services are complimentary to you by Destination St. John’s! Please forward this information to all local sport organizations within your affiliate member clubs and associations. DSJ has a network of experience at your fingertips. Call us today for your one-stop service to assist you with bidding on your next sporting event.