Why St. John's?

Welcome to the oldest city in the New World. For more than 500 years, St. John’s has been a primal draw for those searching for an undefinable something out of the ordinary. And, like the countless travellers who have come to our city, you’re sure to find it.

Here, in this cozy, jewel-bright city, nestled amid rugged cliffs and storied seas, you’ll discover a place where the only thing more colourful than the houses might be the characters who live in them. It’s a city that brims with contradictions – an urban hub that feels like a small town. A place steeped in creativity and ringing with timeless laughter. A tiny metropolis with enough old legends to fill an entire world.

In this hidden gem on the eastern edge of North America, you’ll find adventure begins at your doorstep. Step around any corner and bend of the road, you’ll discover a place filled with enough authentic experiences and natural wonders to last a lifetime.

Your journey begins in St. John’s.