Newfoundland and Labrador is famous for its wide open spaces, scenic views and seemingly endless hiking trails. On many hikes in and around St. John’s you will find small landmarks, boardwalks, and even some stunning bridges. They provide excellent photo ops, bird’s-eye views, and excitement for all ages!

La Manche

Aerial view of La Manche Bridge

The first scenic bridge is also one of the most captured in photos for the Avalon region. Located in La Manche Provincial Park, which is a one hour drive outside of St. Johns, this suspension bridge has a unique history. There are many routes to get to the bridge but the shortest is a 3km out-and-back hike that is suitable for all skill levels. The majority of the hike takes place in the woods, which is peaceful and restorative, however the trail opens up to reveal a mighty suspension bridge standing above an estuary with spectacular views on each side.

Cataracts Provincial Park

Bridge at Cataracts Provincial Park viewed from below

The next bridge is also only an hour drive outside of St. John’s in Cataracts Provincial Park, which is located in Colinet. The trail to the beautiful bridge is very short, being less than a kilometer in length and consisting mainly of boardwalk and stairs through the woods—making it suitable at all times of the year. The architecture of the bridge alone would be worth the visit, but the two massive cascading waterfalls also makes this adventure quite spectacular!

Silver Mine Head Path

Silver Mine Head Path bridge seen from down river

The Silver Mine Head Path is part of the East Coast Trail, and is located in Torbay, only a 20 minute drive from the heart of St. Johns. The trail is a 4.2km long out and back hiking trail that is for the most part flat, making it the perfect hike for all skill levels! The hike features a lovely wooden bridge that was newly constructed in 2019. The modern slats cross over a river that runs into the Atlantic Ocean. The hike also opens up to Middle Cove Beach, which is a wonderful place for a late night oceanside fire or to watch the capelin roll in during the summer.

Stiles Cove Path

The Stiles Path Bridge on the East Coast Trail

Lastly is another magnificent hike along the East Coast Trail, Stiles Cove Path in Flatrock. Beginning only a half hour drive from St. Johns, the trail is the longest one in this series at 15.8km out and back; however, you don’t have to complete the entire thing and can make it as short as you would like. It features multiple photo-ops along the way, with one of the most notable being the bridge less than 2km into the hike. It crosses “Big River” and when standing on it, you can look in any direction and see countless waterfalls!

Lauren O’Dell is an outdoor enthusiast from Torbay, Newfoundland. She is a full-time student at Marine Institute, but in her free time she loves getting out into nature and exploring. Although she enjoys trying new trails, her favourite is the Stiles Cove trail in scenic Pouch Cove. When she isn’t hiking or taking photos she spends time doing art, driving around with friends, or researching new travel and hiking destinations! Check out Lauren’s spectacular posts on Instagram.

Published: February 3, 2021