Operator of 3 Visitor Information Centres
Goobies at the Irving Big Stop Parking Lot, 709.542.3239 (seasonal)
Fortune at the Fortune Head Interpretation Centre, 709.832.3031 (seasonal)
Marystown (across from Walmart), 709.279.1211 (seasonal) or HRTA office (April – October; off-season office contact is through phone 709.279.1887 or email [email protected])

Get your bearings at Goobies Visitor Information Centre where panoramic maritime barrens begin to unfold on your journey south. Scan for rough legged hawks, osprey, bald eagles, moose and migrating woodland caribou. Watch out for erratics, strewn about by glaciers 10,000 years ago.

Feel safe and be welcomed. Witness adaptation in resettlements along Fortune and Placentia Bays where an active fishery, skilled trades, art and craft, good food and traditional meals prevail. Be charmed by children at play, clothes on the line and livyers nodding hello. Ferry to coastal paradises. Eight lighthouses keep watch as everything from dories to oil rigs make a living at sea. Another Visitor Information Centre is in Marystown, the peninsula’s commercial hub. In Burin, wind roads around high cliffs where Captain Cook spied on smugglers, illegal French fishers and privateers. Step dance along the boardwalk fortified into the shoreline, or have a cup of tea with friendly locals at any of our region’s festivals and events, including garden parties.

Imagine the triumphs and disasters wrought by the sea along coastlines and exposed headlands of hyper-oceanic barrens:  the rescue of sailors on grounded US warships by residents and fluorspar miners, and also the terrifying 1929 tsunami! Comb miles of beaches and trails throughout the peninsula as you listen to those pounding waves. Witness spectacular sunsets and connect with the barrens, native plants and geology, wild berries and flora, even pitcher plants.

Taste European culture. Seek Fortune, guardian of a globally recognized fossil site, and also the gateway to St. Pierre & Miquelon. It remains the last North American colony of France where residents rise early every morning to buy freshly baked bread. Muse upon Grand Bank sea captain homes bearing “widow walks” where women watched and waited.

Live theatre, as well as friendly folks in heritage and other experiential settings, promise you an invigorating stay on The Heritage Run.

Heritage Run Tourism Association

1 Centennial Road, Marystown, NL, Canada

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1 Centennial Road
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Tel: 709.279.1887