Embedded in the planes of Mistaken Point’s titled and cleaved mudstone and sandstone, exposed by the pounding of the Atlantic waves, are fossils of the oldest creatures – in fact, the oldest complex life forms – found anywhere on Earth. Known to scientists as the Ediacara biota, they are creatures that lived 575 to 542 million years ago, when all life was in the sea. Guided tours are mandatory (late May – early October) within Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve and are available by calling the interpretive Centre in Portugal Cove South, located in the southeastern tip of the Avalon Peninsula.

Note: Access to view the fossils is by guided tour or permit only. To book a tour please call the Edge of Avalon Interpretive Centre at 709.438.1011.

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve and World Heritage Site

Newfoundland Ecological Rsrvs, Newfoundland and Labrador 10, Portugal Cove South, NL, Canada

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