Edible Adventures – Wild Food Walk & Intro to Foraging
Embark on a journey of exploration as we discover the bounty of wild edibles!
This guided walk features an introduction to local edible and medicinal plants 🌿 covering best practices, culinary and folk remedy uses, identification, preparation and harvesting tips – offering participants a unique opportunity to connect with the land and learn sustainable harvesting practices. Our walk will end with a delicious wild food tasting 🍽️ sampling several of the delicious plants we meet – including homemade wild ice cream, soup, pickled shoots, fruit leather and more!

Guided Forest Bathing Walks
Join Certified Forest Bathing Guide Tina White on a gentle and inspiring journey of nature connection and wellness. Forest bathing is best described as a slow, relaxing sensory journey designed to calm the body and mind, and has been scientifically proven to improve our health in many ways – lowering anxiety, depression and blood pressure, and heightening creativity, wellbeing and happiness. Our walk will end with a tea ceremony with local foraged plants and snacks. Visit NatureMinded.ca to learn more!

NatureMinded.ca a group dines at a table on a pebble beach

NatureMinded.ca forest walk through the forest, several people carrying backpacks

NatureMinded.ca groups of people enjoying a picnic and a walk through on a rural trail


La Manche, Tors Cove, NL A0A 4A0, Canada

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4 Lamanche Road
Tors Cove
A0A 4A0
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