Discover the magic of 10,000 year old masterpieces flowing in the currents off our coast. Watching these magnificent icebergs glide through our waters is a must-see experience. Though showtimes are never guaranteed, April through June is typically when iceberg alley is in full swing, with the season often extending into early July.

On a Boat

The best way to get up close and personal with these giants is to hop on board a boat or kayak tour throughout the spring and summer.

Take in the coastal views and glide on by the colourful houses of The Battery, which is located along the entrance of  St. John’s main harbour. On board you may even get close enough to collect a bergy bit which has broken off of the main iceberg.

*Remember safety first. Take a guided tour when getting out on the water to see the icebergs. The guides will know when close is close enough.

Through a Lens

Through a Lens

From pure whites to aquamarine blues, icebergs are like massive gemstones floating against the backdrop of the dark North Atlantic waters. Learning to capture their light and texture sometimes requires a bit of help. A photography tour can do just that.

Sometimes finding the berg can be half the battle, which is where icebergfinder.com comes into play. Seasoned photographers use its pinned locations, alongside their extensive knowledge of our waters and land, to guide you to the perfect location. They’ll also help you get that perfect iceberg shot.

From the Comfort of Your Room

Imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean crashing on the shore and the smell of salt in the air from the sea. That is a typical morning in St. John’s. With close to 30,000 kilometers of coastline, the province of Newfoundland & Labrador provides panoramic views of the North Atlantic—and that means panoramic views of icebergs.

From the comforts of your hotel room overlooking St. John’s harbour to the deck of a Bed & Breakfast situated on the edge of iceberg alley, your iceberg viewing experience can be wrapped up with a colourful quilt and come with a coffee in hand.

Along a Trail

St. John’s is surrounded by over 300 kilometers of trails to explore. The East Coast Trail guided hikes will take you past towering sea stacks, deep fjords, abandoned settlements, lighthouses, and many more attractions, including icebergs.

A view from above at Signal Hill will show you the expanse of the city as well as St. John’s harbour and the eastern coastline. Many a berg take pause at Fort Amherst Lighthouse, located directly across the harbour from Cabot Tower.

Cheers and Beers

After a day of discovering icebergs in St. John’s, an ice cold pint or cocktail is likely at the top of your list. Make a pit stop at Quidi Vidi Brewery. Take in the views of this quaint fishing village from their second floor tap room, where they also serve Iceberg beer and a variety of other micro-brewed selections including a cappuccino stout and a local favourite, Calm Tom’s Double IPA.

If you’re exploring downtown, why not head to George Street and sip on a cocktail made with Iceberg Vodka that’s harvested from icebergs right off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Published: May 2, 2019