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A letter from Mavis McGrath:

Dear Theatre Goers! Look, I wouldn’t miss it for the world! It’s world class entertainment! Now I should let you know this is not a paid endorsement. Oh no. I’m entirely genuine when I say Sheila puts on the best show in town. She doesn’t pay me to say these things. And I have never asked her to pay me. And I won’t ask her to pay me. Not that I think there would be anything amiss in being compensated for my services. But I haven’t asked and I won’t ask, will I? But that’s a separate point.

Now of course we’re not all cut out the same. Maybe you’re not interested in laughing your head off for an evening. Maybe you’re not interested in having all your worries evaporate in the presence of the world class talent on stage with Sheila on these evenings. Maybe joy and laughter are not things you aspire to. And certainly it’s up to yourself. It’s none of my business what you do. You can stay home and watch the reruns of Downton Abbey. Because that’s not to be sniffed at either. Maggie was always nice to me whenever I dropped over. It’s nothing to me what you do. But I do like to laugh, you see. So I’ll be there. Now don’t get me wrong. There’ll be lots of invitations I’ll have to turn down because I am sought after, as you know. But I wouldn’t miss Sheila’s show. You do what you want. It’s not for me to say, certainly!

Kind Regards,


Start Date

Sep 29, 2023 - 19:30

End Date

Sep 30, 2023 - 21:30

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