Local Author Launches Alive and Thriving on her 19th Re-birth Day

Leslie Bridger Reveals Divine Healing Truths Learned During a Near-Death Experience

Leslie Bridger is pleased to announce the release of Alive and Thriving – 5 Divine Healing Truths Revealed from a Near-Death Experience, featuring an exploration of the insights gained after a life-altering and harrowing encounter.

One moment, Leslie is riding her bicycle down a steep hill, and the next, she’s flying through the air before smashing into the unforgiving pavement below. With little hope of pulling through, she beat the odds to not only live, but defy conventional medical thinking and make a full recovery. She now shares the five Divine Healing Truths she learned while on the other side in this, her first book.

These Healing Truths will give the reader the tools to:

● Live a life of hope and possibilities

● Be excited about the opportunities before them

● Know they’ve been given a second chance at living their best life

“Alive and Thriving is a beacon for anyone who has received a terminal or chronic diagnosis, or a traumatic injury, and, in turn, been given little or no hope of recovery,” says author, Leslie Bridger.

“Alive and Thriving is more than just a story—it’s a source of hope for those going through tough times,” states Maurice Henri, Photographer, and creator of Cameras for Healing. “The book’s strength lies in its raw honesty and authenticity, making it truly inspiring.”

Leslie Bridger’s June 14th Alive and Thriving – 5 Divine Healing Truths Revealed from a Near-Death Experience book signing at Chapters St. John’s (70 Kenmount Rd. from 3:30-5:30 pm) coincides with the 19th anniversary of her ReBirth.

Leslie Bridger walks the talk, living and breathing the healing tools she teaches. After a near-death experience following this bicycle accident, Leslie is now a believer in the impossible. She inspires people to access their inner healer wherever she goes. Leslie’s mission is to help millions around the globe Activate the Healer Within.

Learn more about Leslie Bridger and her book on her website at www.lesliebridger.com

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