Who will survive and what will be left of them? A special screening of 20+ short films with prizes!

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Night Gaunts

A traveller is snatched away on a monstrous voyage in this handmade puppet horror film based on the poem by H.P. Lovecraft.

Director: Monstark

Producer: Monstark

Running Time: 3 mins

United States


The 13th HourAnna is in a toxic relationship. She wanders the streets of Rouen in search of a solution to free herself from it. But is she even capable of it?

Director: Xavier Tessen


Producer: Joko fait des films

Running Time: 2 mins



In CorpusA man is surprised by the arrival of a meteorite in his room.

Director: Ignacio Rodó

Writer: Sergei Belbel

Producer: Ignacio Rodó

Running Time: 3 mins


DiasporaIn a Black suburb, a couple begins to notice that their neighbours are disappearing and white people are moving in, they soon discover something much darker is happening.

Director: Tyler Mckenzie Evans

Writer: Tyler Mckenzie Evans

Producer: Malachi Ellis, Lindsay Blair Goeldner, Eric Bizzarri

Running Time: 16 mins



Where It HidesAs Saige struggles with her depression, she hides away in her house surrounded by a mess of plastic wrappers and leftover food. After finding insectile eggs growing out of her dog’s ear, she takes matters into her own hands by trying to create a healthy lifestyle.

Director: Brandon Lewis

Writer: Brandon Lewis

Producer: Brandon Lewis

Running Time: 4 mins



Pool Party

Outcast Freya attempts to make it through the night at her childhood best friend’s seventeenth birthday party without revealing her most dangerous secret.

Director: Ellie Stewart

Writer: Ellie Stewart

Producer: Ellie Stewart, Matt Prazak, Rino Mioc, Tyler Whelan

Running Time: 8 mins




When Jane marries and moves into her new home, she will discover her husband is keeping more than a few skeletons in his closet. From her food, she pulls clusters of hair, silence haunts the lonely corridors of the home and, while Jane is abused by her husband, she untangles the house and its harrowing history.

Director: Lucy Rose

Writer: Lucy Rose

Producer: Mariana Caruana Galizia

Running Time: 13 mins

United Kingdom



Chelsea is a difficult child with a wild imagination. One day, she receives an ominous message from her bowl of cereal. Four letters: K.I.L.L. Chelsea wants her cereal – and she won’t stop until she gets it.

Director: Shane R. Preston

Writer: Shane R. Preston

Producer: Roman Gubin

Running Time: 9 mins




An investigator nearing the end of a life-long pursuit, begins to feel the weight of everything he left behind.

Director: Kyle Brewis, Josh Klaassen

Writer: Kyle Brewis, Josh Klaassen, Jesse Mrau, Nic Baxter

Producer: Kyle Brewis, Josh Klaassen, Jesse Mrau, Nic Baxter

Running Time: 9 mins




Charlotte, a sleep-deprived new mother grappling with postpartum depression, begins to hear unsettling interference noises emanating from her baby monitor.

Director: Anna Hammill

Writer: Anna Hammill

Producer: Anna Hammill, Megan Farley

Running Time: 12 mins

United States



A girl is kidnapped in an amusement park on a full moon night. Nothing will turn out as it seems when the kidnapper watches as the girl turns into something else.

Director: Daniel Caneiro

Writer: Daniel Caneiro

Producer: Daniel Caneiro, Pedro Palacios, Ricard Sales

Running Time: 15 mins


Greed & Gore

Five criminals pick the wrong safe house to lay low after robbing a bank.

Director: Adam Kirkey

Writer: Adam Kirkey, Mathieu Lamarche

Producer: Travis Laidlaw, Adam Kirkey, James Carmichael, Mathew Lamarche

Running Time: 15 mins



Colin Carvey’s Long Halloween

When Colin Carvey (Taylor Beatty) is glued into his Halloween costume by a duo of Young Toughs (Chase & Eli Kloosterhof), his desperate search for help turns into a long night of mix-ups, murders, and mayhem!

Director: Aaron Peacock

Writer: Aaron Peacock, Aidan Kennedy

Producer: Aidan Kennedy

Running Time: 11 mins



Every Time We Meet For Ice Cream Your Whole Fucking Face Explodes

The title says it all!

Director: Anthony Cousins

Writer: Anthony Cousins

Producer: Peter West, Brianna Rose Lee

Running Time: 11 mins

United States


Interdimensional Pizza Portal

After conjuring a slice of pizza through an interdimensional portal, Grover and his best friend Aliee learn a hard lesson about the unintended consequences of manifestation.

Director: Aron Kantor

Writer: Aron Kantor

Producer: Aron Kantor

Running Time: 4 mins

United States



Deadline is a black comedy Stop-motion short that explores the power balance between bureaucracy, death and feline devotion of the elderly.

At its center is a story of a brave friendship and solidarity between two senior ladies sickened by society’s disregard and disrespect.

Director: Idan Gilboa

Writer: Idan Gilboa, Shahar Fux

Producer: Idan Gilboa

Running Time: 13 mins


Three Houses Down

Ah… the Holidays. Filled with joy, laughter, and cheer. And this year, murderous, knife-wielding elves. On Christmas Eve, Tiffany learns that being on the naughty list means more than a lump of coal in your stocking when she encounters a malevolent Imp among the presents under the Christmas tree. Now she must fight for her family’s lives against the elven intruder if they are going to have a Merry Christmas.

Director: Ty Huffer

Writer: Ty Huffer

Producer: Jenn George Hunter

Running Time: 7 mins

United States


Smiley Face

Three young women experience the nightmare of being devoured by a humanoid creature.

Director: François Ricard-Sheard

Writer: François Ricard-Sheard

Producer: François Ricard-Sheard

Running Time: 9 mins



The Weaver

A nurse goes to visit an old lady at her home. He soon realizes she has a few screws loose. And maybe she is not an old lady at all?

Director: Øyvind Willumsen

Writer: Øyvind Willumsen

Producer: Eivind Bergset

Running Time: 13 mins



Unknowingly, a girl enters the habitat of a tribe of killer gnomes during her daily run. Lured by mysterious glowing mushrooms, she’ll soon wish she’d stayed on her usual tracks…

Director: Ruwan Heggelman


Producer: Richard Raaphorst

Running Time: 6 mins


The Detachment

In a world overrun by zombies, Ha-young struggles with his love for his daughter Ye-eun, who has become one of the undead. As he grapples with the morality of his actions, he encounters an old childhood friend, Suck-kil, which leads to a series of events that force Ha-young to confront the true horror of his situation.

Director: Lee Daehan

Writer: Lee Daehan

Producer: Lee Daehan

Running Time: 39 mins

Republic of Korea

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Nov 18, 2023 - 19:00


The Majestic Theatre

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