Hello, Citizens! Kiddo and the Kat (Sarah “Kiddo” Walsh and Tabitha Katz) are on a mission, and we need your help!

We’re collecting socks, underwear, and other warm comforts from all over the city, and distributing them to those in need. Sock robin hoods! Knights in shining underwear!

For your part in this mission, we want you to come see a sensational spectacle! A display of skill, wit, and power from fellow heroes who have answered our call: Jenna Makrides, Holly Rancher, Katy Warren, Lilith Lust, Jarod Farrell, and Carrie Booty.

This meeting of champions is happening at the Black Sheep! December 19th at 7pm (we’ll get you out in time for bed, hero’s promise).

To witness our fearless friends perform their fantastic feats, we ask that you pay tribute to our noble cause in the form of new socks and/or underwear. As an extra thank you, we will have a number of dazzling door prizes and an adrenaline-inducing game of chance! (A 50/50 draw.)

NOW – Giving this topic the serious note it deserves:

We are collecting donations of these things for individuals who have been admitted to the Waterford Hospital. Many of whom, for one of various reasons, are there without a change of clothes. A Lifewise Peer Supporter stationed at the hospital has been doing what he can to support the comfort and dignity of these folks with donations and out-of-pocket purchases, but he could use some help. We’re hoping that you can help us, help him, and help them.

For admission we ask you bring at least one of the following (if you bring multiple, consider multiple sizes):

-unopened men’s socks
-unopened women’s socks
-unopened women’s underwear (cotton briefs preferred – comfort is key)
-unopened men’s underwear

Also helpful

-slipper socks/heat socks
-pajama pants
-yoga pants/sweatpants

***Cash donations will be accepted in lieu***

Heroes come in all forms. Whatever you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

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Start Date

Dec 19, 2023 - 19:00


The Black Sheep

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