It’s time to revive once-popular groups rides so come out for a nighttime social excursion ’round da park! This is a Black Hawk Down Ride which, for the uninitiated, means that no one gets left behind and the pace will be adjusted accordingly.

This not a sanctioned ride. Riders are responsible for their own safety. The organizer(s) shall not be held liable should any individual suffer any kind of breakdown, be it mechanical, mental or otherwise. (That is not to say assistance won’t be offered in the event of any said breakdown but you should bring the necessary equipment, clothing, etc.)

There are a few things to consider about this ride. First off, it is a night ride so lights are a must. Second, while it’s not supposed to be as cold as past days, it is still looking to be chilly so dress appropriately. As it will be cool, we may have to shorten our breaks accordingly to prevent getting too cold. Third, expect to be on the bike for about two hours.

Depending on the group size, we may need someone to step up and act as a sweep to ensure we stay together for the duration.

We can convene at the top of Allandale in the new roundy parking lot. If you wish to park down by the Quonset huts and ride up, then have at.

Any questions or concerns, just ask away.

Hope to see you there!

Start Date

Mar 02, 2023 - 19:00

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