Digital Accordion Demo: The World’s Most Advanced Synthesizer

What can you do with a “computer shaped like an accordion?” Join Dr. Michael Bridge for an explanation and demonstration of the world’s most advanced synthesizer (yes, it’s an accordion!). Michael will show the digital accordion’s power in how he programs sounds, creates arrangements, and prepares for concerts. All sounds played 100% live on digital accordion, including percussion, choirs, accordions, organs, and imaginary instruments.

This workshop is free of charge!

Wednesday July 19th

12:30pm Harbour Symphony “Slow mo: tango, polka, blow” by Sarah Albu and Matti Pulkki
9:00pm at The Ship, Folk Night X ONSOUND featuring Gracie Reid, and Dave Penny & Daunt Lee

Thursday July 20th

9:30pm Night Music at The Ship Pub & Kitchen featuring Sawtooth (Matti Pulkki & Sarah Albu)

Friday July 21st

12:30pm Digital Accordion Demo at First Light with Dr. Michael Bridge
7:00pm Classical & Contemporary music for accordion and voice at First Light featuring Dr. Michael Bridge and Sawtooth (Matti Pulkki & Sarah Albu)
10:00pm Trad Music Old & New at The Ship featuring Kyle Gryphon, Duane Andrews & Graham Wells, followed by a session

Saturday July 22nd

11:00am History & Workings of the Squeezebox at Bannerman Brewing Co. with Dave Rowe
5:30pm Brazilian Forró dance workshop at Bannerman Brewing Co. with Bruna Cardoso
8:00pm A celebration of Brazilian music at Bannerman Brewing Co. featuring Maria and The Band and Ana & Eric


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Jul 21, 2023 - 12:30


Cochrane Centre

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