Sherry Ryan Band performing her new album Shout for More and some favourite previously released songs. Sherry’s band is Brad Power on electric guitar, Brian Cherwick on keys, Dave Rowe on bass and Chris Donnelly on drums.

On Shout for More, her fifth full-length album, Sherry Ryan charts a new chapter in her life with a luminous collection of songs that glows like stained glass. Her pure voice adorns lush arrangements—closely crafted with producer Mark Neary—like a floral crown, carrying the soul of each song straight into the listener’s heart, whether she is looking to the future, glancing back at the past, or taking stock of what falls in between. Named “St. John’s answer to Lucinda Williams” and compared to John Prine for “reeling you in with her heartfelt stories and a hint of humour,” Sherry’s rich vocal style is described as “so good it’s absolutely unforgettable” (Exclaim!)


Start Date

May 31, 2023 - 20:00