This show shares the lives and legacies of three Beothuk women and girls, telling their own stories with humour and unflinching honesty.


Starring Deantha Edmunds, written & directed by L’nu playwright Leahdawn Helena, STOLEN SISTERS explores the life and legacy of the Beothuk people, an Indigenous people who are culturally extinct due to Colonial violence.

Their history is little known outside of Newfoundland, and woefully misrepresented within the province itself, as it has traditionally only been conveyed from a white-Western colonizer-settler perspective.

As some of the first Indigenous North Americans to encounter Europeans, and be directly impacted by colonization, they have become a historical footnote.

STOLEN SISTERS attempts to tell the very specific stories of Newfoundland Beothuk women who exist in the historical record, while representing events that have happened countless times throughout history among colonized people worldwide.

STOLEN SISTERS is told through three characters played by one actor – Oubee, Shawnidithit, and Santu Toney – each of whom exist and live on through historical record.

We at PerSIStence Theatre recognize that this performance contains sensitive material which is likely to bring up a variety of emotions and memories, especially for people with lived experience of violence, including colonial violence.

The STOLEN SISTERS project is grounded in community collaboration, and as part of this, we strive to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of the audience. Click here for content warnings and to learn more.

Community Spirit: Donations of food items, and personal care items are graciously accepted at the door for tenants of First Light’s Indigenous-priority affordable housing units.

Accessibility: This performance space has a ramp that leads to the main door. The main floor of the space, and washroom access are on one level with no stairs. However, this 100-year-old building has some features that may be challenging to navigate, such as some manual doors, and unlevelled floors. For more information about accessibility and inclusion, or to request specific accommodations, contact Venue Coordinator Natasha Blackwood at [email protected]

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Start Date

Aug 15, 2023 - 19:00


First Light Centre for Performance and Creativity

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