Even if all that glitters is not gold, Leprechauns and Neil Young are not the only ones who are searching for a Heart of Gold this Spring!

Discover why King Midas and Rumplestiltskin couldn’t get enough of this precious metal, as we learn about how miners and metallurgists work with it.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to join us at Manuels River as we explore glorious gold through crafts, games, activities, experiments, and a walk on the trail!

Please dress for mess and for the weather. Program is aimed at Primary-aged Children and their caring Adults. Parents/Guardians must attend with children. $10.00/Child & Adult for non-members, and $8.00/Member Child & Adult.

Manuels River is a non-profit, registered charity. We are committed to sustainability, growing minds, and wellness. Any admission or program fees go directly toward helping us fulfill our mandate and to the upkeep of the Manuels River community walking trails. These fees are considered non-refundable. Thank you for your generous support!

Start Date

Mar 18, 2023 - 10:30

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