Join us for a wintery Young Scientist session to learn about snow. After attending our most recent cloud session, you can build upon your knowledge by learning about something that comes from clouds when the temperature is just right! Come do a craft, a walk in a winter wonderland, and find out why each flake is unique –  just like you!

Join us as a bubble with 1, 2, or 3 children and up to 2 adults. Please note that we cannot accommodate groups larger than 5 given the physical distancing requirements in our space. Trail Keepers enjoy a member discount on this program. Please log in to access your discount.

Manuels River is a non-profit, registered charity. We are committed to environmental conservation, science education, and community recreation. Any admission or program fees go directly toward helping us fulfill our mandate and to the upkeep of the Manuels River community walking trails. These fees are considered non-refundable. Thank you for your generous support!

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Jan 29, 2022 - 10:30

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