We ran a contest to find your favourite tourist attractions in the St. John’s area. Here are the top 5, in no particular order.

A Walk Around Quidi Vidi Lake

My must-do activity in St. John’s is walking around Quidi Vidi Lake.

When I lived in St. John’s I was looking for some nice walking trails and Quidi Vidi Lake became one I visited frequently. I love the scenery the lake offers as you walk around it and see the ducks/birds that are always around. It’s always a great place to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, destress after a hard exam, and help stay physically active, especially during stricter COVID-19 restrictions that limited most exercise to outdoor settings. Whenever I visit St. John’s, I always have to walk the whole loop around Quidi Vidi Lake, and I took my family there when we visited St. John’s recently.

Here is a picture I captured back on February 15, 2020, as the sun was setting on a winter day. Can’t wait to return next time I visit the province’s capital city and hopefully attend my first Regatta Day event as well one day!

Submitted by Billy White

Spend the Day at Bowring Park

A must-do activity for anyone would be a visit to Bowring Park. Bowring Park is absolutely beautiful any time of year and has something for everyone. Families can enjoy swimming or the splash pad (or sliding depending on the season!), the playground, feeding the ducks, climbing trees, playing tennis, playing at the skateboard park, or simply walking the trails as my two daughters can be seen doing here. We love to bring a picnic and play frisbee in the many fields. It’s a lovely spot for an elderly person to go enjoy some nature with plenty of park benches for resting and taking it all in. Animal lovers can enjoy walking their dogs in the park, and there are many walking options from the South Brook Trail, other paths and the main paved loop which is perfect for anyone with a stroller or wheelchair, so it’s accessible for everyone. The park is a free activity where you can enjoy an hour or a day. We love it and it would definitely be at the top of my list for recommendations!

Submitted by Leigh Ann LeBlanc

Hiking the East Coast Trail

Well, if you’re coming to the East Coast and staying a few days in St. John’s, you’re going to wish you had more time! Spending some time roaming around downtown is a must. Take in a few local restaurants, cafes and pubs. We have a lot to choose from and none will disappoint. If I had to pick one thing to do, I would choose to be outdoors. Hiking the East Coast trail is an experience that you don’t want to miss! The fresh air, the sound of waves crashing, breathtaking views and the sheer sight of such a jagged coastline. It cannot be missed and should be enjoyed. You can’t beat the smell of the Atlantic Ocean

Our family enjoys tackling different sections each summer but some of our favourites are located right here in town and easily accessible from downtown without a car. Depending on your time and plans, hiking Sugarloaf trail and ending in Quidi Vidi is an awesome day for many. The trail is considered moderate but our family of 5 has completed it many times. It’s great for many reasons but the last time we did it, we ended with ice cream and cold beverages at The Wharf in Quidi Vidi. The kids enjoyed their ice cream and my wife, and I enjoy a local craft beer. Afterwards, we strolled up the road a short distance and enjoyed some fish and chips at Quidi Vidi Brewery. This is another must-do and if you can, enjoy their deck.

Submitted by Ryan J

Visit Downtown St. John's

Having lived in so many metropolitan cities like Dubai, Bangkok, Vancouver, and Toronto, coming to a beautiful and historic city like St. John’s has just been one of the best life decisions I have made so far.

Living super close to The Battery, I feel like I’m surrounded by nature, with many trails nearby. Getting a coffee from The Battery Cafe and starting my day has become my daily routine.

Beautiful Jellybean houses that can only be seen in this city are so picturesque. The whole town has a vibe that I have never felt anywhere else. Newfoundland has a reputation for being friendly, and I can confirm that it is true. I have never seen such warm and welcoming, fun-loving people anywhere else.

The place is so beautiful, from trails all across the city and national historic sites like Signal Hill and Cape Spear, which inspired me to explore my photography hobby, and I started an Instagram account, @alt.jaspinder, after moving to St. John’s.

Since it’ll be my first summer here in St. John’s, I’m looking forward to a whale watching tour, the pedestrian mall that I have heard about from my local friends and last but not least, The Regatta festival.

Submitted by Jaspinder Singh

Take in the View at Signal Hill

One of my must-do activities in St. John’s has got to be Signal Hill! While growing up it was always one of our regular places to go as a family and that tradition has certainly continued as I have gotten older.

Hiking the trail is a must-do every summer and the breathtaking scenery is a great backdrop for some beautiful pictures. The last time a friend and I hiked the trail there were whales jumping!!

It’s also a great place to take family when they come from away! You can picnic, go take in the scenery day or night, and it’s even the perfect place to share an ice cream!

Whether you go to see the star on the side of the tower or the fireworks in the winter, get that first hike of the year in during the spring, take a drive up on a beautiful summer evening, or go to see the changing landscapes in the fall, there is something for every season. So don’t miss out! Be sure to add Signal Hill to your summer bucket list – I’ll see you there!

Submitted by Julie Weir

Published: June 29, 2022