The Mummers Song – Simani

This classic is a song that of course ties into Newfoundland Mummering. The quirky Christmas tradition includes dressing in whatever you can find at home. Masks, old sheets, lace curtains, lamp shades and even your mom’s bra. Once everyone is well disguised they take to the streets to visit neighbours for Christmas spirits and of course singing.

Christmastime in Newfoundland – Shanneyganock

A tale of a sailor at sea trying to make it home for Christmas, Shanneyganock, capture both the sounds and lyrics of days gone by. For 25 years this famous Newfoundland group has toured across Canada the US, releasing 14 albums that showcase Newfoundland’s Irish roots with folk and rock music.

Hello Mom & Dad – A. Frank Willis

Another tale of coming home for Christmas, Hello Mom & Dad by A. Frank Willis speaks to the long journey taken to spend Christmas with family.

Come and I Will Sing You – Great Big Sea

Also known as the Twelve Apostles, this song offers a similar feeling to the 12 day of Christmas but with a focus on the joy and meaning of Christmas rather than gifts. Great Big Sea is one of Newfoundland most iconic groups, best known for performing rock versions of traditional Newfoundland folk songs. While the group no longer tours together former members Alan Doyle and Séan McCann have continued performing in their own solo careers.

Christmas Morn in Newfoundland – Eddie Coffey

Eddie Coffey is a well-known and loved performer in Newfoundland who uses his art of storytelling and songwriting together. Christmas Morn in Newfoundland is based on Eddie’s memories as a child, celebrating Christmas with his family.


Christmas in the Harbour – The Punters




Published: December 13, 2019