Pack your boots and hat and get ready for some epic views along this list of top trails to hit around St. John’s this weekend!

Butter Pot Provincial Park

Photo by: @lauraajcarter

Located just a half hour outside of St. John’s, Butter Pot Provincial Park is a great spot for a family stroll. The beach may be the main attraction but the trail system throughout is also incredible. The park covers an area of 2833 hectares of varied terrain including forests, bogs, heaths and ponds that can lead you to a remarkable scenic view-point, also know as the “Butter Pot”.

Pippy Park - Three Pond Barrens

Photo by @newfoundexplorer

Did you know that Pippy Park is one of Canada’s largest urban parks? It’s actually three times the size of Vancouver’s famous Stanley Park – meaning that there is a lot of trails to discover. A local favourite is Three Pond Barrens. Upon entering off the very end of Allandale Road you will see a trail guide posted to explore but some of the best trails are off the beaten path, like this hidden gem that will also take you to a great swimming hole.

Brigus & Cupids - Spectacle Head Trail

Photo by @susiedawl

If you are ready for a climb look no further than the Spectacle Head Trail in Cupids. This hike may be short (2.5 km) but it is not for the faint at heart. The steep incline up rocky terrain is challenging but the view from the top is well worth it! The unique rock cairns at the peak also make for a cool cherry on top of this moderate climb.

Flatrock - Stiles Cove Path

Photo by @alexstead

Wanting an all day hike then look no further than the Stiles Cove Path to Flat Rock. This 15 km hike starts off in the quaint town of Pouch Cove and will take you past wondrous ocean views, to a headland that is the perfect place to rest and picnic before continuing on to Flat Rock.

Cobbler Path

Photo by: @kevinyetman

The hike from Red Cliff to Outer Cove is popular for a reason. If not for the insta-worth stairs, it’s also a great spot for whale watching in the summer. Rated moderate by the East Coast Trail, this almost 5 km hike offers forest and coastal views that will make you want to stop and snap too many photos.

Published: August 13, 2020