As the waves come and go, the local businesses and artists of St. John’s have been doing their part to give you that St. John’s experience, take-out style. What started as a means of survival has turned into an opportunity to provide a highly sought after service—the night out, at home.

A bonfire burns outside in the evening, with trees in the background

One of the most underrated activities is the backyard fire; it’s cozy, it’s chill, and your cheeks are rosy red the whole time. When the patio lights are lit, the fire is crackling, and the vibes are right, you wouldn’t know but you were on some posh rooftop patio. So throw on your favourite wool sweater, gather the crew, and let this combo of snacks, brews and tunes take you away at home.


Let me make one thing abundantly clear: charcuterie is a meal. There is no better stay-in-on-a-friday-night date feed than a collection of cured meats, cheeses, crackers, pickles and preserves laid before you. It’s as elegant as eating with your hands can get, and Chinched knows how to do it right.

A white container stuffed full of Chinched snackable pigs ears

Chinched is offering a specific take away menu alongside their wonderful charcuterie boxes, sausages, and deli items (and Burchies Donuts!). My partner and I went with a medium combination box and the crispy pigs ears in both buffalo and dill pickle flavours; if you are a dill pickle fan such as I, you need these in your life. If you are feeling crazy, dip them in the buffalo sauce. Don’t be afraid.

Kelly McMichael - Waves (album)

The best night of music I have experienced in my 14 years in St. John’s occurred a couple of years ago at The Black Sheep on George Street. Kelly filled the whole night, playing on her own, with both bands Renders and Thelma & Louise, and sometimes with a collection of some close musical friends. It was an “I’ll see you soon” concert before taking off back to the mainland for a spot in Sarah Harmer’s band. Well, she’s been back a while now, and has dropped an absolute banger in her long awaited debut album, Waves.

Kelly wearing a white cable knit sweater outdoors with trees in behind her. She looks wistful.

Kelly and her band were featured at the 2021 Iceberg Alley Shows (Mile One hurricane detour version) alongside July Talk and Death From Above 1979and she’ll be joined by The Burning Hell for a 5-date Atlantic Tour that kicks off at The Rockhouse on October 22. Her powerful voice and soulful melodies are backed by uber-catchy pop-rock on the 3 singles released so far from the album. The vibes are nostalgic nightswhite lights on the deck, fire stories, and lots of laughs.

Ninepenny - Berry Fairies

A can of Ninepenny's Berry Fairies sits outdoors on a piece of wood with a backyard in the background.

Our blueberry season has come and gone, which has always been a marker for me of the beginning of the transition from summer to fall. Many locals now have a beef bucket or two loaded with berries in the deep freeze for year round enjoyment. However, there is another way to get your local berry fix… 

An opened can of Berry Fairies with a beer glass full of the beer sitting next to it. It's a gorgeous red colour.

Berry Fairies from Ninepenny Brewing is a Blueberry Wheat Ale flavoured with locally-sourced blueberries from Walsh’s Farm in Colliers, making it a buy-local dream come true. This is a crushable beer with a malty, almost creamy flavour. Just be sure to drink it without any silver in your pockets, lest the fairies lead you astray…

Sure It's Only Early...

Strings of small white lights are hanging from the underside of a patio outdoors.

You’ve had your dinner. The beer is setting in and the music has you wanting to chase the night from the comforts of home. Luckily, the music scene in St. John’s has been making it work through the pandemic, and you can bar hop like it’s George Street Festival 2018 across all the streams available from local venues and personal artist pages.

The best place to find out where you can see it all, either in person or online, is through the social media accounts of NL Live Events. Glenn Pardy, founder and curator, collects every music event happening in the city in one place to make decisions that much harder.

Yeaton Smith has lived in the West End of St. John’s for 13 years. He is a father and a friend, and is a member of the bands The Old Contemporaries and Double Denim.

Published: October 19, 2021