In St. John’s, we’re known for our wide-open spaces and that includes our indoor experiences as well. Take a stroll through Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest public cultural space, The Rooms, where history, heritage and artistic expression come together. The building houses over a million natural history specimens and is the province’s most extensive collection of historical artifacts and artwork. Just like the items inside, the building itself is a unique representation of Newfoundland.

The Johnson Geo Centre also offers a unique touring of Newfoundland’s geological footprint. Situated on the way up to Signal Hill, it offers stunning views of the harbour, but dig a little deeper and you will notice that 85% of the building is actually underground. Built in a natural rock basin, featuring over 500 feet of exposed rock walls. Take a few more steps up and it will bring you to the iconic Cabot Tower perched on top of Signal Hill. The tower and surrounding hills was a lookout for incoming ships and also served as the location for the very first transatlantic wireless signal.

Ready to become an honorary Newfoundlander? Take the whole family and visit The Screech Room. There, you will get a history on all things Screech and be asked the fateful question, “Are ye a Screecher?” Wrap up the evening with a production by the Spirit of Newfoundland and see how our history of storytelling can be spun into fantastical theatre.