Across the country, restaurants and people alike are embracing the “farm to table” revolution where fresh is best. Unique to Canada, Newfoundland is the only province that allows wild game to be served in restaurants. This provides opportunities to local chefs, like Head Chef Jeremy Charles of Raymonds and the Merchant Tavern, to hunt, fish and forage for the freshest (and, in our opinion, the tastiest) ingredients. It’s also why St. John’s is quickly emerging on the culinary scene and is becoming known as a food destination.

While you’re here, you can also get in on the foraging action. Watch the icebergs and whales go by as you pick blueberries right on the side of Signal Hall, a historical landmark that provides complete 180-degree views of St. John’s. Enjoy diver scallops harvested from the ocean floor served onboard a boating tour. Or, how about an opportunity to catch your own fish? During cod fishing season join a local fishing charter for one of their fishing expeditions.

Where there is good food, there is also a good drink nearby. Visit a local craft brewery, to enjoy a pint with views of cliffs and colourful fishing stages perched conspicuously along the rocks.

The wilderness surrounds St. Johns – providing opportunity and the inspiration to showcase the abundant ingredients local to St. John’s, taste it for yourself.