Newfoundland is known for colourful language. While here, you can expect to have your head turned a few times by the different dialects of English that are prevalent across the island.

Language Lessons: "A Time"

Our unique turn of phrase goes back centuries to when the English and Irish first settled in Newfoundland. Settlers scattered and found their ways to bays and inlets to stake claim to areas with easy access to the rich fishing grounds. A bustle of activity in the summer but isolation was a reality in the winter months. An isolated community of Irish or English, sprinkle in some French, Spanish and Portuguese influences over a century and it created the perfect recipe for a concoction of dialects. These numerous dialects make for an interesting interview and subject for any journalist.

Preserving the rich culture of heritage of our unique dialects, is something Newfoundlanders are proud of. Local linguistics and folklore professors formed a unique tool to distinguish the regions and dialects that go with it, the Dialect Atlas of Newfoundland and Labrador. With this atlas and a well-trained ear, you can hear all of the colourful language that make the travel experience a unique one.